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Get Nutritious Pet Food and Treats

At Bowser's Bath in Tigard, OR, we are groomers, not vets, but we do know pets. We've seen what works and doesn't work. We sell dog food that we trust to be of great quality. In case of any serious skin or health problems, take your pet to a veterinarian. We recommend Community Pet Hospital right down the road, give them a call at 503-670-9707.

  • Are they licking their paws? Are they biting at their tail end?

  • Do they scratch all the time, even without fleas?

  • Are there "hot spots" that haven't healed completely?

  • Do you see dry, flaky skin? Are they losing fur?

  • Are ears or skin very red, hot to the touch? Do you see a rash?

Warning signs of pet food problems

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your pet probably has a food issue. Bowser's Bath in Tigard is the first place to start. If nothing improves, see your vet.

Be aware of allergies

Pick the right treats

See a vet if problems continue

Avoid artificial ingredients

For do-it-yourself or professional grooming, visit Bowser's Bath in Tigard, OR. Call:


  • Milk

  • Soybeans

  • Corn (of any kind)

  • Pork (too salty)

  • Eggs (raw), wheat, and by-products of wheat

  • Some meat products, including lamb, beef, chicken, and turkey

  • Fish and duck are alternatives for meat allergies

Other ingredients to avoid

  • Any by-products or by-products meal

  • Animal digest

  • BHA / BHT

  • Salt

  • Sugar

  • Artificial colors and flavors

  • Sweeteners, preservatives, and stabilizers

This is a good time to learn about food allergens. There are food allergies and there are inhalant allergies. Food allergies are easier to handle. Inhalant allergies can be seasonal, just like in humans. Leading allergens for dogs include:

Learn about allergens

The most important thing you can do is read labels. If the front says lamb and rice, there might still be additives inside. There are a lot of good pet foods out there, you just have to look. If problems continue, check with your vet.


Remember, depending on your pet's immune system and how sensitive their digestive system is, dogs can be allergic to almost anything. Consider researching how to make a homemade, hypoallergenic diet. It usually doesn't take much time, probably once a week.


Don't forget vitamins, such as NuVet Plus. A good dietary supplement is always a bonus to any diet. Please check the dog's treats. Many are made with cornmeal, by-products, salt, and sugar. None are healthy for your pet. Some great treats include Buddy Biscuits.


When you change your pet's diet, you should notice an improvement in about a week. If you want to "clean out" their system before changing foods, you can give them cottage cheese, baked potatoes, and carrots. Serve this for 7 days, and then introduce the new food. You can also use this method if you notice a reaction to a food.


Always feed for 7 days before you try a new food item. It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to see signs of recovery. The skin clears up and the coat starts growing back and becomes shiny again. Your dog will regain its puppy playfulness.


If you spend a little more on dog food and spend less time and money at your vet's office, you will find that you have a much happier and healthier dog. And remember – a happy, healthy pet is less likely to get fleas!

The importance of reading labels

Your dog might have an underlying immune system problem. Maybe they aren't absorbing the nutrition from a certain food. Your vet has tests to determine what is wrong.

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