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Learn Helpful Do-It-Yourself Grooming Tips

Everybody loves to save money. However, if you don't do things the right way, you could end up spending more money in the long run. You will be doing more harm than good if you take your pet to the vet very often for ailments that can otherwise be resolved with proper nutrition. Come to Bowser's Bath in Tigard, OR to clarify any queries.

  • Brush long and short hair before you bathe to remove old, dead hair, and loose dirt.

  • Trim any mats, tangles, or knots before they get wet.

  • Look for mats behind the ears, on the tail end, and in armpits.

  • Lukewarm water is comfortable and helps shampoo work well.

  • Wet dog thoroughly. Use ample amounts of pet shampoo.

  • Human shampoo can dry a dog's skin.

  • Shampoo completely throughout the hair.

Washing and grooming should be enjoyable

Brush before you bathe

Only use shampoo for pets

Don't forget nail trimming

Use lukewarm water

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  • After scrubbing, rinse and repeat. The first wash only gets out the top layer of oil and dirt. The second wash gets all the way down to the skin, removing all dirt, oil, and dead hair.

  • Rinse out all shampoo completely. Any residue can cause irritation to the skin.

  • Use several towels to dry thoroughly. Remove as much water as possible before using a dryer. Dry all the way down to the legs and squeeze out the feet. They are like sponges!

  • The forced air blowers get most of the water and loose hair off your dog. Then a regular hair dryer will work well for the finishing touch.

  • Don't use a really hot hair dryer or hold the dryer too close to the dog as it can scald the skin.  

  • Brush a little while drying. The brush will lift and separate the wet hair so that it will dry faster.

  • Use the appropriate brush or comb for a dog’s fur type.

  • Remember to trim the dog's nails carefully without hitting the “quick” blood vein.

  • If necessary, trim the hair on the bottom of the feet.