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Get High-Quality Grooming at Low Prices

Due to variables such as size, coat length, single or double coat, coat condition, and temperament, we are unable to guarantee a price over the phone. However, Bowser's Bath in Tigard, OR can give an estimate with an informed, accurate pet description.

  • Nail trims for dogs – $10.00 (drop in)

  • Nail, pad, or paw trims – $15.00 (call ahead please)

  • Simple face trims – $5.00 (call ahead please)

Bowser’s “Full Service” package includes everything in the "Tidy Up" package PLUS cut or style as requested by the customer

Dogs that are professionally groomed regularly, like every 3 to 8 weeks, or are brushed regularly at home, should be at the lower end of pricing. If your pet has excessive and potentially painful matting that is difficult to brush out, he or she will be evaluated upon arrival.

No cage drying

7 drying stations with air blowers

Greeting you and your pet by name

Start to finish with one groomer

If you would like to schedule

a grooming appointment for your dog,

please stop by or give us a call:


Bowser’s “Tidy Up” package

  • Massaging bath (with gentle shampoo for your dog’s skin or coat type)

  • Conditioner (if needed)

  • Fluff dried (No cage drying)

  • Ears cleaned

  • Thorough brush, nails trimmed, sanitary trim, pads and paws trimmed (as needed)

  • Finish spray (if requested)

Other services we offer

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