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Bowser's Bath Is Your Local, Full-Service Pet Grooming and Nutrition Center

Your pets are secured at all times for their health and safety. Chains are provided to secure pets and reduce risk of jumping or injuring you or other pets at Bowser's Bath in Tigard, OR.

Dog grooming

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You get everything you need to bathe your pet. We supply you with shampoo, brushes, combs, scissors, nail clippers, towels, waist-high tubs, and an apron to help keep you dry!

Save with self-service

Shouldn't you know all the details about the right pet foods before you start using them? Learn the warning signs your pets show if they're not getting the right food and nutrition.

Your pet food center

Learn about the most important dos and don’ts when you groom your pets at home. If you're going to save money and do the grooming yourself, make sure you're getting it right!

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Due to covid-19 requirements of social distancing, the self-serve wash is still closed.

We are open for grooming only by  appointment. Booking appointments about 3-4 weeks out.